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Winter, how to take care of the skin of our toddlers?

The winter season is a period when the skin is more confronted with dehydration and irritation due to external factors (wind, cold, dry air, change in temperature). Take care of your little ones' skin with these tips.

Our skin is thirsty!
In this season, the skin is dehydrated, it lacks water. The water contained in the cells of the epidermis evaporates and the skin becomes dehydrated. Your little one's skin is already naturally prone to dryness. In winter, it is likely to be even drier, reactive, irritated, more sensitive to allergens and irritants… and itchy too!!

Very fragile, the fragile skin of a baby or child dries out even more easily in the face of external aggressions such as the cold or the wind. We will see this dryness in several ways on the face, for example: redness, rough cheeks, chapped lips, scabs; or on the body with tightness, tingling, lack of suppleness of the skin.

Protect the skin of our little ones?
To prevent dehydrated skin, it is important to apply healthy and sufficient moisturizers daily. This hydration thanks to creams, oils , balms , goes through the face but also all the rest of the body and this, from the beginning of the day: during the morning toilet, when cleaning the face or hands, after the bath, etc. Be careful, soap and water can dry out the skin, it is important to protect the skin with a richer, quality product after washing. Also limit the temperature of baby's bath water to 36°C. Baths that are too hot accentuate the drying out.

In winter, the skin is more fragile because it is permeable and its inflammatory system is sensitized. To limit dehydration, it is necessary to cleanse and moisturize your child's skin every day with gentle and suitable natural skin care. Pioupiou treatments, with a healthy composition, are perfectly suited to your little ones.

Hydrate, a lot! Choose a moisturizer that responds well to your skin needs and seasonality: rich in moisturizing, nourishing and soothing active ingredients. We seek here to preserve the lipid barrier of the skin, protect against the aggressions of the cold and help to calm any discomfort felt.
You can apply Pioupiou products:
- as a protective treatment, for example before outings, on the face, hands, or as a massage on the body after washing or bathing.
- as an SOS treatment on dry areas such as feet, elbows, hands, lips, etc.
- in a thick layer on very dry areas, depositing a large hazelnut without spreading it and let the skin absorb. In the evening before bedtime, for example.

Check that the humidity level in your home is between 35 and 45% in the winter. And that the temperature of your child's room is around 19°C.

Make sure your child drinks enough water to keep their skin naturally hydrated.

Take care of baby's skin when going out?
Protecting your child's skin well also means ensuring that he is well dressed during your outdoor walks. The outfit should include several layers (body, clothes, jumpsuit, blanket), and accessories such as a hat, mittens, a scarf so that your little one benefits from optimal protection. We apply the onion method (layering of clothes)! In very cold weather, consider applying more moisture to exposed areas, such as cheeks, lips and nose before going outside, to create a protective barrier.

Be careful, try to explain to your little one that he should not moisten his lips with his tongue, this dries them out even more. For the hands, also remember to take care of them and use a mild balm to avoid drying out. Even if the other parts of the body are protected by our clothes, do not forget to also moisturize it with an oil or a cream. The skin also tends to dry out under the effect of heat and the friction of clothing.

All these tips are valid for babies, children but also adults.

And in the mountains?
All these good habits should be kept, even and especially during winter holidays. In the mountains, we are even more vigilant with skin care. Sunburns are not the only ailments that threaten your child during his snow holidays. Wind, rain, cold are all identified enemies. Continue to protect and moisturize the skin of your little ones with daily care and use an appropriate sunscreen.

While it is important to protect your child's skin by moisturizing it with gentle oils, balms, or specific creams, we must not forget that hydration comes first from within. It is true that in the mountains, the air is drier and you become dehydrated more easily than at the bottom of the valley. Remember to make them drink regularly.

Pioupiou product advice...
At Pioupiou, we have developed products for the whole family based on 100% natural organic ingredients. We have taken into account the benefits of these natural products to offer moisturizing, gentle and protective care for the skin. The treatments have been designed and manufactured in Switzerland. Winter and the mountains hold no secrets for us!

Our multipurpose Softness Balm is ideal for protecting, relieving and moisturizing your skin in winter. Very rich and healthy, do not hesitate to apply it everywhere at any time of the day. Then also, use our Mom Baby Oil to moisturize baby's body after washing or bathing or to relax with a warm massage.

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